Artist of the Week – Jon Bellion


Jonathan “Jon” Bellion is an American singer, songwriter, producer and rapper. He was born and raised in Long Island, New York.



Jon makes contemporary pop that mixes R&B, hip-hop, and indie rock influences. He grew up loving basketball but in his junior year of high school, his love for music took over when he began writing songs on his brother’s keyboard.  After high school he enrolled in Long Island’s Five Towns College music program.

Now Jon is a freaking beast! I fell in love with his music back in 2014 when I heard the song “Munny Right”. I followed his music ever since. My favorite songs in order are:

Btw his acoustic covers are DANK AF! I hope he makes more of them.

  1. Human (Acoustic version)
  2. Maybe IDK
  3. Guillotine
  4. All Time Low
  5. 80’s Films

If you fall in love with Jon Bellion as much as I have you must know he has a Tour happening as you read this! (Bruh I know… I already got my tickets)

Here is the link for his tour:

Also you have the option of getting VIP tickets, and personally meeting him. #dreamswouldcometrue

Alright now that you got those tickets, It’s time to learn every single one of his songs!

Here is a few popular places to catch all of his music:




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