How to host a Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving, just like all holidays, means a family gathering…Until now.. If you want to avoid the stress and awkward questions that usually come from family gatherings like “are you dating anyone?”, “why aren’t you dating anyone?”, “are you going to church with us?”, “Can I follow you on the Instagram machine?”, etc… Try Friendsgiving!

Friendsgiving is a growing trend among young adults. It’s perfect for people that are too far from home to go home for the holidays or people who just want to have an excuse to stuff their face. If you are planning to accept the challenge of hosting a Friendsgiving here is how you do it:

Step 1) Make a Facebook event.
Making a Facebook event will make it easy to keep everyone updated at the same time. Invite your closest friends. Don’t invite that one person you met at the bar.


Step 2) Make it a potluck.
Why should you spend all of your money and time creating this event? That’s why you have friends to do it for you. I’m also willing to bet you have no idea how to make every single thanksgiving necessity.


Step 3) Create a menu and have people sign up for different dishes.
By creating a menu you can avoid people bringing weird stuff like tofu. (I know, EW!) It will also be an organized way for everyone to see who is bringing what and ensure there is no overlap in dishes. (Although…three pumpkin pies doesn’t sound so bad!)


Step 4) The host cooks the turkey.
If you are the host you have to make finger licking good turkey!
Here are some of the best recipes.


Step 5) Alcohol Alcohol Alcohol.
Must I say more? Since no family members will be judging you, you can drink as much as you want.
You can have beer, wine, mixed drinks, or a big bowl of punch.


Step 6) Make a fire playlist.
Have the most music oriented friend to make a playlist for you.


Step 7) Have some drinking games.
For example if you have a wii you could play:

Beerio carts(Mario carts)
Start with one full beer
You have to finish the beer before the race ends
Here is the catch:
when you drink the beer you must put your controller down until you are done drinking.
If you win and your beer is not done you are disqualified and you MUST take a shot.


Super Trashy Bros
Best if you have 4 players
1st one out takes 3 shots
2nd one out takes 2 shots
3rd one out takes 1 shot
Winner continues to the next round


Truth or dare Jenga
Pull out a piece and whatever the piece says you must tell the truth or complete the dare. All dares must be drinking oriented.
You can only use one hand.


Step 8) Have a good time!

Now go and tell your friends and have a great Friendsgiving!


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